Under One Roof

UOR helps brands to tell their narrative through top influencers globally, whether that is on blog
sites, YouTube channels or social media platforms. We provide a full service to influencer
marketing, including developing and managing all strategies to effectively spread your brand story
to reach millions of engaged consumers worldwide.


Our 360 Offering

Our background in digital marketing, social media, PR and influencer marketing means that we understand the how, why, when and where influencer marketing should fit into your overall communication strategy. We offer everything from creative to consultancy, to developing long term strategies to one off project management.

Our Network

We pride ourselves on being one of the best connected agencies within the industry. Which means that we focus on matching the most relevant influencers to your brand to drive the most effective results for you.

Our Rep

UOR has a no bullshit policy. We generate great results by being able to match the right influencer to your project.

Engaging with Millions

At UOR we believe its not reach that counts it's engagement. So forget reach, to date we have engaged with over 2,500,000 consumers worldwide through our campaigns.